Spain cities map

Map of Spain showing cities. Spain cities map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Spain cities map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Spain has a total of 44 cities with at least six major cities that house over 500,000 residents each. Barcelona and Madrid are the two largest cities. Madrid has a population of 3.2 million people, and Barcelona has a population of 1.6 million as its shown in Spain cities map. Spain has several cities with over 100,000 residents. Cities with over 100,000 residents include Las Palmas, Palma and Bilbao. Granada is one of Spain most visited attractions for tourists. Of Spain's population of over 37 million people, nearly 40 percent of the country residents live in urban areas. Spain also houses several other cities that include San Sebastian, Salamanca and Alicante.

Map of Spain showing cities

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Spain cities are magical to explore. World-class restaurants and lively bars dot the streets, where locals and foreigners stay out until the early morning enjoying the pounding nightlife on offer. Often set in gorgeous locations, sun, sea and silky sands add yet another welcome dimension to all that there is to see and do. Lying upon the Galician coast, A Coruna port city is often overlooked by visitors even though it has a lot to offer as its mentioned in Spain cities map. Sitting on an isthmus, the ocean lies to one side and the port to the other. As such, there are numerous attractive beaches to explore. Renowned for the Running of the Bulls festival, when the city is packed to the brim, Pamplona has much more to offer than this debatable infamous event.
Simply spectacular to behold, there is a graceful air about Salamanca. Many of its fine and elegant buildings date back to Spain Golden Age. With two stunning cathedrals, numerous Renaissance palaces, churches, museums and galleries, it is a magical place to explore, as its warm sandstone tones follow you throughout your adventure as you can see in Spain cities map. One of the oldest cities in Europe, Cadiz ancient heart is almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic, and a wealth of riches once poured into its port from the Americas. Funded by this gold rush, decadent mansions lie next to decaying warehouses and churches, while little cafes and restaurants dot its winding streets. With an idyllic setting alongside beautiful beaches and lovely verdant hills, San Sebastián is an attractive place full of grand buildings and numerous cultural attractions.
With an international airport and numerous resorts along its coastline, Alicante welcomes scores of tourists to its shores every year. Its lovely Mediterranean waterfront and picturesque old quarter, as well as a castle, museums and more, prove that the alluring, sandy beaches are just one aspect of it. The capital of the Balearic Islands, Palma is a beautiful sight as its shown in Spain cities map. It features a lovely old cathedral that towers over the waterfront and numerous historical sites dating back to the Moors, Romans and Talayotics. With the enchanting Alhambra set amidst such gorgeous scenery, most visitors to Granada descend upon the city to explore the breathtaking palace fortress that once housed the Moorish rulers. Spectacular to behold and stroll around, its amazing gardens and lovely Islamic architecture is the undoubted highlight of what Granada has to offer.