Spain time zone map

Map of Spain time zone. Spain time zone map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Spain time zone map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Spain has two time zones and observes daylight saving time. Spain mainly uses Central European Time (GMT+01:00) and Central European Summer Time (GMT+02:00) in Peninsular Spain, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and plazas de soberanía as its shown in Spain time zone map. All of continental Spain, including the capital Madrid, observes the same time zone. However, the Canary Islands, off the coast of Morocco, add a 2nd time zone to the country. Here, the local time is 1 hour behind the mainland.

Map of Spain time zone

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Spain uses a time zone that does not adequately reflect the solar time on its longitude. Central European Time (CET) is based on the solar time at 15° eastern longitude, which runs along the border between Germany and Poland. Central European Summer Time (CEST), Spain's Daylight Saving Time, refers to an even less suitable solar time, at 30° eastern longitude, which runs close to Kyiv, Ukraine. In terms of geography, it would make more sense if continental Spain observed the same local time as the Canary Islands as its mentioned in Spain time zone map. In fact, the country did so for decades—from 1900, when time zones were introduced there, to 1940, when the dictator Francisco Franco moved Spain to the time zone it uses today.
Spain Time is in the Central European Time Zone . Central European Standard Time ( CET ) is 1 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT+1 ). Like most states in Europe, Summer (Daylight-Saving) Time is observed in Spain Time, where the time is shifted forward by 1 hour; 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT+2 ) as you can see in Spain time zone map. After the Summer months the time in Spain Time is shifted back by 1 hour to Central European Time (CET) or ( GMT+1 ).