Spain high speed rail map

Spain high speed train map. Spain high speed rail map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Spain high speed rail map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. The Spanish high speed rail system is called AVE. (Alta Velocidad Española, Spanish High Speed). The logo incorporates a feature which resembles a bird (ave in Spanish). The high speed rail lines are built to the standard European gauge (1435 mm) as its shown in Spain high speed rail map. The newer high-speed (AVE) network, however, has been built to the international standard gauge of 1435 mm in anticipation of its eventual connection to the rest of the European railway system. For this reason, the 1435-mm gauge is generally termed "European gauge" in Spain.

Spain high speed train map

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Construction of the high speed rail line between Madrid and Seville began in 1988 and operation commenced in 1991. Train speed on the Seville line is 300 km/h as its mentioned in Spain high speed rail map. The second high speed rail line (Madrid to Barcelona) was completed in 2007 with the inaugural service commencing at 6 am February 20, 2008. The operational speed on this route is 350 km/h. The greater part of the line (Madrid to Lleida) was placed into service on 11 October 2003, with connection to Huesca from Zaragoza.
The third high speed rail line (Madrid to Toledo) was opened in November 2005, followed by the spur from Córdoba to Málaga as far as Antequera in 2007 as you can see in Spain high speed rail map. Another high speed route from Madrid to Valladolid was opened in 2007, the line from Madrid to Valencia was opened in 2010 and the first stage of the high speed line in Galicia opened in 2011. A line to Lisbon is being designed. Other lines operated by RENFE include Euromed, a moderate-speed line between Barcelona and Valencia.