Map of southern Spain

Detailed map of southern Spain. Map of southern Spain (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Map of southern Spain (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. Andalusia is an autonomous community that covers most of southern Spain. It has a diverse landscape, with a long Mediterranean coastline and its own mountain chain, and is known to have the hottest average temperatures in Europe. Andalusia as its shown in the map of southern Spain is a rough translation of an Arabic word meaning “vandals”, due to the fact that it was raided and claimed by many different cultures and nations because of its prime location. This has created a series of cities and towns with a very multicultural architecture, cuisine, and history. They are home to a celebratory culture full of festivals and flamenco dancing, tapas and sherry.

Detailed map of southern Spain

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Southern Spain is home to an unfair share of beautiful towns and cities. Below, we have picked a handful of unforgettable destinations that should be on every traveller bucket list, from the enchanting capital of Seville to undiscovered gems such as Estepona and Cádiz. Seville as its mentioned in the map of southern Spain is likely to be one of the most romantic and attractive cities you’ll ever experience. The Andalusian capital is made up of some of the most enchanting neighbourhoods in Spain, such as the old Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz and the former gypsy barrio of Triana. Described by the poet and Hispanophile Laurie Lee as “probably the most beautiful and haunting of all Spanish cities”, Granada spills out from in between the lush Darro valley at the bottom of the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Perched either side of a 100-metre deep gorge in between two humbling natural parks, Ronda is Andalusia most spectacularly located town. Linking up its two halves is Puente Nuevo, a stunning bridge completed in 1793 after 40 years of perilous construction. Ronda also has a strong claim to be the birthplace of the Spanish bullfight and is home to some of the best-preserved Arabic baths in Spain. Jerez de la Frontera as you can see in the map of southern Spain is one of the secret wonders of southern Spain, a city that combines the stateliness of the Andalusian capital with the scruffy charms of Cádiz. It is most famous for its sherry – this is the only place on the planet where the drink can be made – and its beautiful horses, which perform in the spectacular equine ballets staged by the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.
From Jerez, it’s just half an hour drive to another of Andalusia often-overlooked destinations. Packed onto a rectangular outcrop of land looking out to the Atlantic, Cádiz has a bohemian, scruffy charm all of its own. Its locals are known throughout Spain for their acerbic, witty sense of humour: to see why, visit during February, when the city holds its famous carnival. One of the hottest cities in Europe (summer temperatures exceed 40 degrees celcius), Córdoba as its shown in the map of southern Spain is home to the stunning Mezquita-Catedral. A vast 10th century mosque with a 16th century Renaissance nave built right on top of it, no single structure speaks so eloquently of the two cultures that have shaped southern Spain.