Spain highway map

Map of Spain highway. Spain highway map (Southern Europe - Europe) to print. Spain highway map (Southern Europe - Europe) to download. The radial highways divide Spain into six zones, each of which bears the number of the road bounding it upon the left, facing outwards from the centre as its shown in Spain highway map. Each road commencing in any particular zone is given a number beginning with that zone numeral, and retains this number throughout its entire length irrespective of the zone in which it terminates. Dual carriageway N-roads with motorway characteristics sometimes have exit numbers determined by kilometers.
Consequently, on some routes, there are actually three parallel roads, the historic route, the post-Franco new road, and the more recent "autovia" divided highway. Where - as in most cases - the autovia is free, that leaves the old main road as empty as the most minor of minor cross country roads as its mentioned in Spain highway map. Just occasionally, old main roads have been downgraded and /or equipped, as in France, with speed bumps and other devices - notably at the entrance to small towns; but generally speaking this is not the case. On cross-country routes, those that are not part of the national highway network designated as "N" roads, traffic in most parts of Spain is very light.